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We are delighted that you would like to serve with us. The goal of our volunteers is to serve in the name of Jesus and to the glory of God.

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What We Are Looking For

Team Player

Works well with others; thinking more of the team's good than of personal preference.


Willing to make adjustments-and have adjustments made for you-joyfully and willingly.


Desires to learn and be taught new things with an open and responsive attitude, and make changes in attitude and behavior willingly and quickly.


Cares deeply in a tangible way for the needs of those around you.


Submits in a gracious way to leadership, and has regard for the convictions and preferences of all those you interact with. Shows dignity to those whom you serve and those whom you serve with.


Intentionally uplifts and up-builds those around you, through your words, actions, and prayers.

"Going to Greece has changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s given me a different perspective on life. I went there not knowing what to expect and left with so much. Seeing what all the refugees in camp have to live with and hearing what all they have lost, yet how much they can still give and have to live for. It’s amazing. I met some of the most kind hearted, giving, caring people in camp. I left my heart there and already made plans to return."

i58 volunteer teaching children

"I went over to Greece pretty sheltered about the refugee crisis and not really having any idea what I was getting myself into or how bad things really are for the refugees. First crossing over the dangerous water only to wind up in a camp with way less than ideal living situations. As staff it seemed like we were always saying no and often had nothing to give, but loving and caring for each situation and occasionally actually being able to give what was being asked for was so rewarding."

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Frequently Asked Questions


Costs vary per location and due to a significant rise in utility expenses, these costs are increasing. Monthly expenses are approximately $750-$950 per month. Volunteers are expected to donate the pledge due (per an email) to i58 before their time of service to cover their costs.

Age Requirement

We need single volunteers, couples old and young, and families. To volunteer as an individual, you must be 18.

Terms of Service

August 2021 Update: We will now only be accepting 3 month volunteers. 1 - 2 month terms are no longer available. However, if you cannot commit for 3 months, please select "other" and send an email to info@i58global.org immediately after completing your application with the reason that you cannot commit to 3 months. We will consider shorter term volunteers but priority will be given volunteers that can stay for 3 months.


Each first time volunteer is required to be a part of a 2-day training held each month in Lancaster, PA. Volunteers must provide their own transportation to the training. All lodging and food costs during training will be provided.


Volunteers buy their plane tickets through our travel agency after application and acceptance. Ticket costs range from $700-$1,200 depending on the time of year.


All i58 volunteers are required to have an internationally unlocked smartphone for safety and communication purposes while in Greece. Wifi is easily accessible in all i58 buildings and apartments. An international SIM card is provided to each volunteer upon arrival.